ITT Bornemann  is a market-leading provider of multiphase pumping systems for the oil and gas industry, and also serves the petrochemical / refinery, marine, chemical, and hygienic industries.

Oil and Gas
Bornemann Twin Screw Pumps are ideal for pumping mixtures of crude oil, gas, water and solids. They can be used in the upstream, midstream, and downstream industries. Dry running capabilities also allow the presence of gases. Compact design and special screw profiles allow high Δp for operation in pipelines with long distances.

Product Application:
Multiphase & crude oil transport, thermal operations, wet gas compression, oil & chemical storage.

Petrochemical Industry / Refinery

Bornemann Twin Screw Pumps transport low & high viscous products within terminals & refineries. All kinds of fluids, neutral, alkaline or acid and aggressive, abrasive or gaseous, are primed up safely, metered and pumped.

Product Application:
Mazut, bitumen, tar, heavy fuel, naphtha and chemical product


Bornemann Twin Screw Pumps have proven their value internationally as loading and transfer pumps on tankers, transfer pumps for heavy-duty HFO qualities and as lubricating pumps for main engine supply.

Product Application:
Bitumen, tar, light and heavy fuel oil, crude oil, mazut, chemicals & storage water

Chemical & General Industry

Regardless of low or high viscosity, aggressive, solid or shear-sensitive – twin screw pumps from Bornemann are used in any kind of chemical process. All Bornemann pumps are self-priming and ATEX-compliant.

Product Application:
Polymers, paints, slurry, pastes, liquid sulfur, and process chemicals

Hygienic Industry

Bornemann SLH-series has particularly been developed for applications in the Hygienic Industry. The 2-in-1 principle conveys and cleans in one pump.

Product Application:
Beverages, dairy products, convenience, sweets, meats, personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals