Consistent Development

Our decades of experience lead to innovative new products

The first theoretical concepts for using twin screw pumps in hygienic applications were developed by Joh. Heinrich Bornemann GmbH as early as the 1970s. However, since the issue of hygiene was not considered as important back then as it is today, "industrial" pumps were predominantly used. Nevertheless, Bornemann was confident even then that hygienic  twin screw pumps would be a success and continued to develop these pumps. In 1992, the W5kse pump was launched. It was used primarily as a mobile pump for emptying tanks in the beverages industry.

Bornemann then continued development of the pump and in 1992 also changed the name of the new hygienic twin screw pump to "SLC". The C in this case stands for "Cleaning". So it is clear that the focus was already on hygiene. However, the "C" also indicated that this pump could be used to carry out CIP procedures. As the market for these pumps continued to grow, Bornemann decided yet again to develop the pump further. Under the familiar SLH name, the real success story of these pumps began in 2004.

From this time on, the screw pumps carved out an excellent reputation in hygienic applications.
Naturally, the success of the SLH attracted the attention of competitors, who recognized that twin screw pumps were the future. For this reason, ITT Bornemann developed yet another new generation of the SLH in 2012 to further differentiate itself from the competition. The SLH-4G represents a systematic evolution of the pump. Even more hygienic and further optimized in hydraulic terms.