Our Expertise for Tank Storage and -Terminals and Refineries

Plastics and chemicals have become a major part of our surrounding. Chemicals abound in almost all walks of life. There‘s hardly an end product today that does not incorporate chemical additives. Production of base chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and fine and specialty chemicals entails complex processes. Hazardous substances, high pressures, and the risk of explosion are part and parcel of everyday work in the chemical industry and result in the highest safety requirements for people, plants, machines, and the environment.
Processes are constantly being optimized in regard to productivity and energy efficiency. In this field where Bornemann is your expert partner. Bornemann pumps meet the most stringent requirements even in complex processes and are always a profitable solution. They reliably deliver both low- and high-viscosity media, also with non-Newtonian viscosity and aggressive and abrasive media.