Bornemann Pumps offer impressive Advantages for Chemical Applications

Bornemann pumps have diverse and practically unlimited fields of application: Waste oil pumps for tanker vehicles, ink pumps for printing ink, waste water pumps in sewage plants, seepage pumps at waste depositories, cement grouting and concreting pumps in the construction industry etc.

Due to the contact-free running of the conveying elements, it is possible to manufacture all parts in contact with the medium of stainless steel.

Non-lubricating, corrosive, thin and highly viscous liquids can therefore be conveyed. Bornemann pumps are also particularly suitable for liquids which are sensitive to shearing, have a viscous structure or are thixotropic and which must be pumped with caution.

Type Series

Twin Screw Pumps
W / V - Universal Pump
HC / VHC - High Capacity Pump
HP - High Pressure Pump
SLI - Compact Pump
SLH - Hygienic Pump
SLH-4G - Hygienic Pump

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