Multiphase Technology and Customer Benefits

Unpredictable Flow
The focus is on unpredictable flows, previously considered as unprofitable. Twin Screw Multiphase Pumps handle these with ease and at a fraction of the conventional costs.

Untreated Stream
Twin Screw Multiphase Pumps offer a reliable solution to suit a whole range of potential flows. Untreated products ranging from wet-gas to heavy crude are reliably pumped in any situation, off-shore, thermal or conventional. In addition flaring can be avoided making this byproduct available for profitable use.

Prolonged Production
Exploiting oilfields in harsh or inaccessible environments and extending the lifecycle of oil wells is the perfect opportunity to generate a sizeable profit. A comparatively low investment and impressively reduced Total Cost of Ownership are the commercial benefits.

Process Flexibility
Untreated stream and unpredictable flow can be handled by using Twin Screw Multiphase Pumps to guarantee highest process flexibility. Multiphase fluids with Gas Volume Fraction up to 100% can be handled. Using Twin Screw Multiphase Pumps, there is no risk of plugging caused by Wax or Paraffin.

Less Complexity
No seperation in the oil field during the pumping process makes wellhead separators and associated equipment obsolete. A simplified system layout results in less footprint.

Fast Payback
Using Twin Screw Multiphase technology leads to a reduced back pressure, resulting in an increased flow and a shorter return on investment. End-users can expect longer production cycles from existing fields. A simplified layout and less installed equipment reduce capital and operation costs.