The concept of protecting the environment is not really new - but it has never been as important. Environmentally-friendly products from Bornemann have always come from environmentally-friendly production. We consistently examine the production technologies in our facilities for their environmental impact and we develop new manufacturing processes based on our findings, often even in conjunction with suppliers as well.

Qualified environmental representatives and safety specialists support us in our factories, exchange information and experiences with us, and develop new ideas for improvements. Furthermore, abiding by all aspects of health and safety standards in the workplace, including fire and catastrophe safety, is part of the company philosophy.

Bornemann Twin-Screw Pumps are ideal for pumping mixtures of crude oil, gas, water and solids. Dry running capabilities also allow the presence of gases. By applying the Bornemann Twin Screw Pump, the gas does not have to be separated from the oil ­­nor does it need to be burned during the process as is common in old oil pump technologies. Onshore and offshore applications can process both of the products which satisfies economic demands as well as the ecological ones. Compact design and special screw profiles allow highly generated pressure differences for operation in pipelines with long distances.