Whether by Land or by Sea

The success of Bornemann pumps in the marine and shipbuilding industry did not come out of nowhere, in fact, our company is a pioneer when it comes to Twin-Screw Pumps. Whether in new ships or refurbished ships, Bornemann pumps have always covered a broad range of tasks for filling and emptying tankers as well as providing reliable solutions in the machine room.

Bornemann's flagship product is its Twin-Screw Pump, which comes in various design and performance sizes and is used depending on the task on hand and the requirements. Nowadays, Bornemann pump solutions can be found in almost all ships, particularly supply ships used in the world's oil industry. If efficiency and reliability are a top priority, then the decision has to be Bornemann.

Bornemann Twin-Screw Pumps have proven their worth internationally as loading pumps on tankers, as transfer pumps for heavy-duty HFO qualities and as lubricating pumps for supplying the main engine. Bornemann progressive cavity pumps are used as sludge pumps, bilge pumps, as pumps to feed oil extractors, and to empty tanks (residue pumps).

Type Series

Twin-Screw Pumps
W/V -Universal pump
HC/VHC - High capacity pump
HP - High pressure pump
SLI - Compact pump

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