Bornemann Twin-Screw Pumps and Progressive Cavity Pumps are the ideal solution to conveying tasks in these plants, in which low and highly viscous products must be conveyed. All media, whether neutral, alkaline or acid, aggressive, abrasive or gas-bearing, are reliably impelled, metered and pumped.

As displacement pumps, Bornemann Twin-Screw Pumps are excellently suited for pumping the mixtures of crude oil, gas, water and ultrafine solids occurring in oil production. They can be used both onshore and offshore. Their high tolerance of dry running also allows large quantities of gas in the mixture. The short construction and the special profile of the conveying screw allow a high conveying pressure for operation with pipelines.

The core of the Multiphase Boosting Systems is formed by the Twin-Screw Pumps. The two engineered rotor sets work with no metal-to-metal contact.They deliver a close to constant capacity against the downstream backpressure. It is not dependent on the speed of the pump and the characteristics of the fluid being transferred.

Fluid mixtures of up to 97 % gas content, 100 % on short term basis, may be pumped without overheating the machine. The necessary liquid is stored in the enlarged housing and partly recirculated to the inlet, assuring an equal distribution of the heat and heat transfer to the ambience. Sudden changes from high gas contents to pure liquid flow (normally called slugs) are handled.The patent technical design in connection with outstanding solutions in details guarantee highest availability with minimized maintenance necessary.


The basis for Bornemann Multiphase Pumps is formed by twin-screw pumps, being of positive displacement character. Their application in the Bornemann Multiphase Boosting System is the advanced technology for the concerned industry even under the most severe operating conditions.
Bornemann Multiphase Boosting Systems are applicable for oil- and gasfields on- and offshore:

  • new field developments
  • depleting reservoirs
  • tail-end production
  • marginal fields or those being aside of the existing infrastructure
  • exchange of separators and associated equipment
  • when revamping is necessary

No restrictions are applicable for geographical or extreme ambient conditions.

Pumps and drive

The pump and drive form are a unit and are matched closely to each other. Installed on a common baseplate, both elements are suitable for different operational conditions. For example, wide temperature changes must are not affecting the unit. It is also important that pump and drive are rugged in their design and require little maintenance.

Bornemann is experienced in the design and completion of projects for drives with

  • Electric motors
  • Gas engines
  • Diesel engines

Naturally, customers individual requirements are taken into account.

Electric motor

The electric squirrel-cage motor has proven to be an ideal solution in the majority of the projects. Due to its simple and rugged construction, it is also the most economical solution by using special motors, installation in hazardous areas are possible.

The motor is protected by controlling the current, e. g. by fuses or by air-circuit-breaker. The winding temperature is monitored by PT 100 resistors or electronic thermistors. The optional use of bearing monitoring systems
allows maintenance in time. Space heaters may be installed as required.


Gas engine

In offshore applications, electrical energy often is limited. In this case, a gas engine which effectively uses the available medium, is recommended.
Interaction between pump and gas engine must be clearly observed additionally the starting of the pump and the control of the gas engine require special attention.
Bornemann holds the knowledge in project this specific engineering,
which is proven by operational references. Intelligent instrumental
and monitoring technology simplifies the maintenance work required for the drive unit.


Diesel engine

Another means of driving the pump is a diesel engine, a rugged and independent drive unit. In comparison with the gas engine, the diesel engine usually has a higher degree of availability.
Due to the precise tuning requirements between drive and pump, special know-how is needed in the project engineering. The diesel engine has proven to be a reliable drive solution in the most diverse applications. Intelligent instrumental and monitoring technology simplifies the maintenance work required for the drive unit.




Understanding the requirements, developing an individual system solution and implementing this in close cooperation with the customer, has become a standard procedure for Bornemann. This is demonstrated by the large number of successfully operating system solutions.
What sets Bornemann apart is our ability to give the customer a single source supplier. The integration of the system is optimized and the interfaces within the process thereby are reduced to a minimum.

Bornemann will develop your complete system solution for:
  • piping
  • ESD valves, pressure relief valves and filters
  • instrumentation
  • process control and
  • protection of all components

In the field of process control

Usually the entire equipment for the control is installed in a separate container where variable frequency drive, energy supply and control system are integrated. Air conditioning allows the installation under the most severe climatic conditions.