Wet Gas Compressions

As exploitation of global natural gas resources has become more important, major gas producers have expressed growing interest in applying multiphase pumps as wet gas compressors to boost production, especially for mature fields. In response to this trend, Bornemann has developed reliable and cost effective multiphase pump packages for this service.
When a well stream has a high gas volume fraction and contains only small amounts of liquid, multiphase pumps operate as “wet gas compressors.” These well streams are often found in marginally economic fields where optimizing production and minimizing cost are critical targets.

Application Characteristics

The same guidelines are used to design a multiphase pump for wet gas compression service. But special attention must be paid to ensuring the unit for wet gas compression service can handle thermal expansion, quick temperature changes, as well as high equipment temperature due to compression heat generated.

Application of multiphase pumps as wet gas compressors typically involves:
  • Gas volume fractions being higher than 98%,
  • Low volumes of low viscosity fluids,
  • Excessive heat generated by compression,
  • The necessity to install a product cooler.

Type Series

Multiphase Boosting
MSL - Single Well Multiphase Pump
MW - Classic Multiphase Pump
MPC - Multiphase Pump Compressor

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