Range of Requirements Metal

  • Raw material, steel (Sheet metal, steel bar, pipes, other profiles)
  • Raw material, stainless steel (Sheet metal, steel bar, pipes, other profiles)
  • Forged parts (Rings, slabs)
  • Fittings, pipework (Flanges, reducers, pipe elbows, threaded fittings, pipes)
  • Casting (Housing parts, raw material for worm conveyors made of cast stainless steel, cast iron, bronze)
  • Casting models (Wooden, plastic, metal models)
  • Valves
  • Sealing rings (Liquid, multiphase, foodstuff seals)
  • Connecting elements (olts, pins, threaded fittings)

Range of Requirements Electrical

  • Motors (Electric motors)
  • Motors, engines, drive systems (Diesel, gas, hydraulic and special drives)
  • Electrical systems, instrumentation and control systems, switchgear and control systems, transformers (Instruments, variable speed drives, PLC, FC, electronics, transformers, etc.)

Range of Requirements Chemical

  • Cooling lubricants, cleaning agents, paints, lacquers, oils

Range of Requirements Plastic

  • General seals (Sheet material, O-rings, flat seals, radial shaft sealing rings, flexible gaskets, etc.)
  • Elastomeric parts (Stators, joint boots)
  • Granulates, raw elastomer mixtures

Range of Requirements Miscellaneous

  • Telecommunication (Telephone system, mobile telephones, telephone rates, purchase/rental and service)
  • EDP (hardware, software, IT, document organisation, CAD)
  • Outsourcing of manufactured parts (Finished castings, eccentric screws, base plates)
  • Sub-contracting (work on castings, eccentric screws, base plates, unit packaging, procurement of manufacturing services, chromium plating, other coatings, shot blasting, etching, mech. machining)
  • Tools, equipment (Tools for machine tools, special tools, oils and greases, assembly equipment)
  • Machinery and systems (Machine tools, lifting and transport equipment, building services)
  • Office supplies (Furniture, office material)
  • Transport, company vehicles, leasing contracts (Guidelines and contracts for procurement, rental and usage, company vehicles for use on and off site)
  • Other services (Legal assistance, consultants, accountants, financial services)
  • Other products
  • Building services (Site related services)
  • Disposal and recycling (Scrap and waste)