It is our job to make high-quality, cost-effective pumps and systems that provide outstanding benefits to our customers.

Fair and constructive relationships with clients, employees and suppliers are essential to our strategy and represent the foundation of our company culture. Bornemann's policy is to be an innovative, qualified and reliable partner to its customers every step of the way while providing a truly unique service.

The needs of our customers are the focus of our research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. In doing so, we take advantage of our core competencies and expertise, which we are then able to pass on to our clientele. Systematic research and development now will lead to innovative solutions for the future.

Another important factor in Bornemann's success is of course our employees, whose dedication and qualifications are constantly being cultivated. Environmentally-friendly manufacturing combined with an above-average occupational health and safety policy for employees at all of our facilities are also vital to the Bornemann culture.

Bornemann is also active on an international level. Subsidiaries in important growth markets not only ensure proximity to our customers, but also guarantee the expansion of our knowledge base.