Antonov Transport High Pressure Pumps

In June 2005, one of China´s biggest oil companies, China National Petroleum Corporation ordered six high-pressure pumps from Bornemann for its oil field in Sudan. The pumps are designed to transfer the crude oil into a pipeline with a distance of more than 700 km from Baleaa to a refinery in Khartoum.

In light of the urgency of the startup of the screw pumps, all equipment was transported by airfreight in April 2006 to Khartoum airport. Due to the fact that the weight for each of the six pumps was approximately 31 tons and there were many crates for the accessories, Bornemann chartered in a total of three transports with the world's former heaviest gross weight, production cargo airplane ANTONOV AN-124 from Frankfurt. After the arrival in Sudan, all equipment was transported by truck to its final destination.

Antonov airfreight packing

Real application in Sudan

Antonov before takeoff