Gaz de France, Germany

In collaboration to a tailor-made solution

The oil field Bramberge is one of the major oil storages in
It is situated near Lingen at the south-western margin of Lower Saxony. 47 wells boost a mixture of oil, gas and water out of a depth of up to 900 meters.

As the customer required a movable container which is subject to strict regulations concerning explosions because of the hazardous area Bornemann developed a special solution in collaboration with Gaz de France.

In June 1997 a Multiphase Pump with additional control cabinet and frequency converter was delivered. In order to comply with the restrictions the container was divided into two rooms, one to keep the pump and the associated equipment and one to keep the control unit in a safe, non-hazardous area. As the boosted water contains a large proportion of chlorides the pump housing was made of stainless steel.