Occidental Mukhaizna, Oman

Optimisation of production capacities

At the beginning of 2008 Bornemann supplied Twin Screw Pumps to the Mukhaizna Field in Oman‘s south central interior.

Despite the oil field holding enormous ressources the oil production is decreasing.
In order to reverse this trend Bornemann has been called up to join a project which is supposed to increase production.

Bornemann delivered five Twin Screw Pumps including variable speed drive systems, suction strainers as well as other accessories. Due to the high content of chlorides, H2S as well as CO2 in the crude and to avoid corrosion, the pumps are completely made of Duplex stainless steel. Furthermore the pumps are designed for desert environment with ist rough sand storms.

The crude oil is first collected in tree satellite stations and then transported to the central station by these Bornemann Pumps.

Bornemann is pleased to provide the Mukhaizna Oil Field with further effective pump systems in the future and to contribute to a successful development.