Chevron, USA

Replacement of conventional facilities

In 2000 Chevron decided to replace the duplex piston pumps which were operating on the Midway Sunset field about 40 miles south-west of Bakersfield, California, by Multiphase Pumps. The duplex pumps had problems with gas locking and suction pressure had to be maintained above 100 psig.

Bornemann installed an MW series pump which is designed for foamy crude oil. It has an internal API 32 seal flush system, the mechanical seals are not exposed to produced fluids and the pump has an improved bearing cooling for high temperatures applications of up to 300 °F.

As the Multiphase Pump was operating satisfactorily 24 hours/day and 7 days/week Chevron purchased further Multiphase Pumps which were installed at the Indian and Colonial Site, about one mile south of the Section 21 South diatomite project.

Chevron identified several benefits they have gained by replacing their conventional facilities by the innovative Multiphase Technology:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Saving in capital costs
  • Saving in operating costs
In order to guarantee the customer the highest degree of security Bornemann installed an on skid control system.