Conventional Multiphase Boosting

As advancing technology is improving recovery, still performance of individual fields varies widely. However, more than half the world’s oil found still remains in declining and sometimes already abandoned fields. Bornemann multiphase pumps can help to recover more of this oil and extend field life by reducing wellhead back pressure.

The rate at which oil flows from a reservoir may greatly depend on the well head backpressure. As such flowline pressure losses and pressure requirements in other surface production equipment have a considerable impact. This is especially true for marginal fields with long tie-back distances due to economic reasons, or with tight reservoirs recently coming more and more into common focus.

Application Characteristics

Reducing wellhead pressure is an important way to boost production throughout field life. Minimizing wellhead pressure is especially critical as reservoir pressure declines, in economically marginal fields, and where enhanced recovery scenarios (EOR) are applied.

Flow restriction caused by surface back pressure can be eliminated by installing a multiphase pumping system at the wellhead or at a manifold that combines production from several wells.

Multiphase pumps also eliminate the need for in-field separation and subsequent flaring of gas, and as such have a considerable ecologic impact on our world.

In a wide range of oil and gas production applications, Bornemann multiphase pumps are capable to operate

  • At inlet pressure as low as 0.1 barg (1.5 psig);
  • With differential pressure as high as 50 bar (750 psi) with a single pump system;
  • With gas content (GVF – gas volume fraction) of up to 100 % gas;
  • In combination with down hole pumps, gas lift or other artificial lift systems;
  • In parallel for high volume or redundancy, or in series for increased differential pressure;
  • Under all kinds of ambient conditions, unmanned, remotely monitored and controlled.

Type Series

Multiphase Boosting
MSL - Single Well Multiphase Pump
MW - Classic Multiphase Pump
MPC - Multiphase Pump Compressor

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