Interesting Solutions for Problems - High-tech on the North Sea - Plattform K15

This assignment was a challenge even for the Bornemann technicians, who are used to unusual locations: the installation of a wet gas compressor, type MPC 335, on a North Sea platform.

The technical challenge presented by the assembly and commissioning of such a complex system was supplemented by the stringent safety regulations. First, it was necessary for the technicians to complete a medical capability test and 4 days of safety and survival training before they were permitted to work on the platform at all. This training included the simulation of an emergency and the evacuation of the platform in a rescue capsule.

The application itself contains several technical features and highlights. It produces natural gas, but not in its pure gaseous form, it is mixed with water and small quantities of solids. Conventional compressors can only convey pure gas, which must firstly be made suitable for transport by expensive separators on the platform.

This is where the unique advantage of the Bornemann MPC system takes effect: it can process and compress wet gas including the natural ingredients. It is the only system world-wide to offer this advantage. For the operator the savings in investment and running costs are amounting to millions.

Location: 85 km north-west of Den Helder Height: 40 m

Production rate: 1200 m³/h Drive power: 500 kW Commissioned: July 2000